Operators: Norwegian Polar Institute, Institute of Marine Research, University of Tromsø (partner NPI)
Country: Norway
Website: https://kronprinshaakon.hi.no/en/projects/kronprins-haakon/about-the-vessel
Vessel Type: Ice Going Multipurpose RV
Ice Class: PC3
Operational Area: Arctic and Antarctic Oceans
Endurance: 65 days
Scientist berths: 38
Length: 100m


Kronprins Haakon is a PC 3 class icebreaker built according to the new polar code rules. The ship is designed for year-round operation in second-year ice, which may include multiyear ice inclusions. The ship is able to sail through 1 m thick ice with a speed of 3,5 knots. The ship contains fifteen research laboratories for biological, geological, geophysical, chemical and oceanographic research. Additional laboratory containers may be stored on and below deck. This RV will be operative in 2017.

Modality of access under this proposal:

Access to RV Kronprins Haakon will be offered for participation in an Arctic cruise within the life time of the ARICE project and within the frames to be compatible to Kronprins Haakon’s cruise plans. The ship will offer equivalent to seven full days of research activities for a scientific team of up to seven people. Applications must fit the overall operational plans for RV Kronprins Haakon.

Support offered under this proposal:

  1. Operational and logistic supports,
  2. lab space and power supply,
  3. communication,
  4. data collected during the cruise,
  5. food and accommodation,
  6. medical care,
  7. training courses (if applicable)