APECS, ARICE and the MOSAiC partners worked together to organize the MOSAiC School 2019 on board of the Russian icebreaking research vessel Akademik Fedorov. This 6-week training was part of the first leg of the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC) which is a year-around expedition exploring the coupled Arctic climate system. The MOSAiC Project has been designed by an international consortium of leading polar research institutions under the umbrella of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), led by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) and the University of Colorado, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES).

In the MOSAiC Project, PRV Polarstern has spent drifting in the Central Arctic sea ice from September 2019 till October 2020. Hundreds of researchers from more than 20 nations collected data to investigate the Arctic climate processes that couple the atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, biogeochemistry and ecosystem. The results of MOSAiC will enhance the understanding of the regional and global consequences of Arctic climate change and sea-ice loss, and improve weather and climate predictions.

The MOSAiC School 2019 provided a unique training opportunity for 20 early career researchers. From 16 September - 28 October 2019, they have received various MOSAiC related research and science communication lectures, practical exercises and workshops, as well as fieldwork training on the Arctic sea ice. More information can be found on the APECS Website. In preparation to the School, the participants have created Frostbytes, a short video on their research background and interest.

During the full year of the MOSAiC Expedition, the participants of the MOSAiC School communicated their gained knowledge and experience to their institutions, home countries and beyond. For more information on their outreach products and projects, see the MOSAiC Ambassador Webpage.