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Map viewer

View ship routes and data collected during expeditions on a multi-projection world map.

About Data Tools

ARICE Data Management Sytem (DMS)

There is an increasing need and demand from the science community, policymakers, stakeholder’s and the general public for timely access to information and data on the Arctic Ocean. ARICE Data Management System (DMS) aims to enhance access to data collected by research icebreakers, in primis those participating in the project. 


The specific goals of ARICE DMS are: 

  1. to provide seamless access to the data generated by ARICE cruises; 
  2. to implement tools/functionalities for efficient data access and data dissemination, to help a wider use of data acquired by research icebreakers; 
  3. to contribute to the general goal of improving the availability and readiness of data and information about the status of Arctic Ocean. 

The use of consolidated software packages is a key pillar in the development of ARICE DMS. Another important pillar is the strict cooperation with EMODnet Physics, in the perspective to connect with organisations that at EU level are data aggregators and/or data providers. 

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Metadata catalogue

Explore icebreakers informations on cruises and expeditions in a Geonetwork-powered metadata catalogue.
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Polar and Subpolar CSR inventory

Cruise Summary Reports (CSR)​​ for polar and subpolar cruises provide a first level inventory of measurements and samples collected at sea.