Operator: Arctia Offshore
Country: Finland
Vessel Type: Ice Breaker & Multipurpose Support
Ice Class: 1A1 Polar10 Icebreaker Supply Vessel
Operational Area: Offshore in the Arctic Ocean, North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea.
Endurance: up to 67 days
Scientist berths: 48
Length: 116 m


The multipurpose icebreaker Fennica features a large working deck and an A-frame, which make it well-suited to a variety of offshore operations. The ship meets the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) strict environmental and emission requirements, making it an ideal choice for operations in Arctic areas.

The Fennica has excellent icebreaking characteristics. The ship’s Aquamaster Azimuth thrusters are powered by 15-megawatt diesel generators. Thanks to its thrusters and Dynamic Positioning system, the vessel retains excellent manoeuvrability also in difficult conditions.

The Fennica has a versatile service history of operations in various areas, including the North Sea and Brazilian, Alaskan and Greenlandic waters. The ship has seen particularly heavy service in ice management duties on the waters of Greenland. From 2012, the Fennica has been chartered to Shell Offshore for the summer season for similar tasks in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.

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