Operator: Swedish Maritime Administration (partner SPRS)
Country: Sweden
Website: http://polar.se/en/om-oss/forskningsplattformar/fartyg/
Vessel Type: Polar Icebreaker and RV
Ice Class: GL 100 ABS Class A5 AC3
Operational Area: Atlantic Ocean, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans
Endurance: 100 days
Scientist Berths: 40
Length: 108m


IB Oden is one of the world’s most powerful icebreakers. It was designed as a combined escort icebreaker and research vessel. In the course of time, Oden has been upgraded and fitted out with advanced scientific equipment, and at present the vessel is one of the leading research platforms in the polar oceans. Oden is equipped with systems such as Kongsberg: EM-122 Multibeam/SBP-120 Sub Bottom Profiler/EK-60 Water Column Profiler and a Sea Water Intake. Laboratories, winches, A-frames and an IT science support system are also available on board. Oden’s extensive flexibility enables researchers from many different disciplines to use the vessel based on their particular needs. The vessel has been used with great success in marine geology, oceanography, ecological research, and atmospheric research in the Arctic and Southern Oceans.

Modality of access under this proposal:

Access to IB Oden is offered for participation in an Arctic cruise within the life time of the ARICE project and within the frames of IB Oden’s cruise plans. The ship will offer access equivalent to seven full days of research activities for a scientific team of up to seven people. Applications must fit the overall operational plans for IB Oden.

Support offered under this proposal:

  1. Operational and logistic supports as described in “services currently offered” (above),
  2. lab space and power supply,
  3. communication,
  4. data collected during the cruise,
  5. food and accommodation,
  6. medical care,
  7. training courses (if applicable),
  8. mobilisation and demobilisation,
  9. transportation of cargo and personnel.