Towards an Arctic Research Icebreaker Consortium



  • The harmonisation of the European Arctic Research fleet through a better coordination of European Polar Research Vessels and for a better alignment of European Arctic marine research programmes.
  • The development of an International Research Icebreaker Consortium through enhanced cooperation between European and international partners, especially with the Arctic nations Canada, USA and Russia, but also with Asian nations such as China, Republic of Korea and Japan, which are developing strong Arctic research programmes and related infrastructure.


This Works Package will cooperate strongly with projects from the EU Arctic Cluster, a network of EU funded Arctic projects, and IASC, the International Arctic Science Committee, on science planning and operational harmonisation. It will also work with FARO, the Forum of Arctic Research Operators, on establishing operative partnerships with international and European partners who are not part of the consortium, and OFEG, the Ocean Facilities Exchange Group, on sharing experiences of cost efficient common use of research vessels.

Work Package 1 is led by the Swedisch Polar Research Secretariat (SPRS).



Swedisch Polar Research Secretariat (SPRS)


Public Deliverables: